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Hard Work & Heart Work: How to Define Your Mission, Vision, and Values for Your Online Business

I’m listening to a book right now with a small group of women and I heard the author mention having to do the hard work AND the heart work.

And it struck me that this is the definition of entrepreneurship. Hard work and heart work.

I’m sure you started your business, knowing full well you’d be doing some seriously hard work to reach your goals.

But what we maybe didn’t plan on (at least I didn’t) is how much owning a business takes deep, intentional mindset work. The sometimes painful kind that opens up a whole host of limiting beliefs and turbulence that requires some love and attention to navigate. Is anyone else thinking “girl, yes I had NO idea”??… okay, good, it’s not just me! Today I’m sharing a key online business strategy that you didn’t know you actually needed.

About 6 months into entrepreneurship, I realized that I had a few limiting beliefs that I needed to work through. 

Being a Kolbe-A 7725, of course I dove into a business course with a huge focus on mindset work. I quickly realized this work is absolutely necessary for business growth. 

That’s why when I was getting certified as a Director of Operations and becoming licensed in the Strategic Mapping Model™, I was thrilled to see there was a clear focus for the online business strategy of focusing on your mindset and goals of the business owner and that this heart work came first before any of the granular strategies.

An online business owner must define their mission, vision, and core values before they can move forward strategically in business goal setting. 

Skipping over your company’s mission, vision, and values is like the idiom… “can’t see the forest for the trees”. It’s easy to get caught up in the “trees” of our business, isn’t it? The email you need to respond to, the client who needs to sign their contract, your team who needs you to review the content for next month… these “trees” are literally right in front of us and usually require immediate attention. But if we’re only addressing a single tree at a time and not taking a step back and getting the perspective of the entire forest, what are we actually accomplishing? What are we actually working toward? 

My belief in helping business owners define their mission, vision, and values is so strong that during the Business Planning VIP Week we dedicate prep work and a good chunk of time during our first strategy session to digging into your company’s mission, your personal and professional vision, your core values, and your boundaries. Without it, we can’t move forward with the strategic objectives and setting priorities for your next 6-12 months. 

If you haven’t done so (or you haven’t done so in awhile), I challenge you to sit down and think through your company’s mission, vision, and values. Write them down and keep them in a place that’s always within reach! Need help getting started? Check out this post here for inspiration on how to write your vision in the most powerful way possible.

Need some help getting started with this? Check out my IG post on how to write your vision here or let’s set up a coffee chat!



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